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Mavic Pro Header

My first real quadcoptor was the DJI Mavic Pro. This is an incredible piece of technology that is both extremely portable and capable. It’s easy to fly, even for a novice, though you definitely improve with experience. I hope to use this page for pointers as I find them. You’ll find the images and videos I share on my social media accounts.

Transmitter Screen

I’ve found a pretty decent and very cheap tablet to use as a screen to use with the Mavic Pro transmitter. The Acer One 7″ (B1-780) is a budget Android tablet that fits perfectly in the Mavic Pro transmitter, and has the advantage of having built in GPS. It’s cheap at £59.99 (as of the 16 July 2017) for the 16BG version, with the only real accessories you need being an angled 30cm Micro USB cable and a matte screen protector to cut down on glare. I use this tablet purely for the Mavic, so have uninstalled all apps that I could, and disabled the ones that I couldn’t. As a result DJI Go 4 runs fine. Most people suggest an iPad Mini 4, but at 1/9th the price, I couldn’t not try the Acer…and I am no fan of Android.

SD Card

I chose to go for a 64GB SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS-1 MicroSDHC card. I basically got this for free because I had a John Lewis voucher, otherwise it would have cost £49.95. It’s a decent card and plenty fast enough for the Mavic. People always seem to get hung up over the capacity of the card and how big a card can you get in the Mavic, which to me is a bit silly. The 64GB is more than enough capacity, and even after 3 batteries of 4K video recording there is plenty of space left.
I think it would probably be better to get smaller cards, and more of them as you’d be forced to change memory cards when you changed batteries. This way if the worst happens and you lose the Mavic, at least you have the footage from the previous cards.

Camera Settings

One of the biggest questions always seems to be about what people’s camera setting are. To me, it depends on if you are planning to edit the images in post or not as the settings would be different. I edit in post, and here are my settings.