FMS – Viper Jet

Published by Mr. D on

I wasn’t looking for another EDF jet, but when James at SMAC posted up this bargain in the sales group, I could not say no. The FMS Viper Jet is supposed to be a great first EDF jet, so it will be perfect for me. It will also be my first model with retracts and pure flaps.

While testing the model with the FrSky S6R receiver, I noticed that the nose wheel snagged on the fuselage while retracting and extending. I realigned the nose wheel leg, and it’s now working fine. While working on the model, I decided to make the wing easier to remove and reassemble. I changed the wing connection from 4 servo plugs to a single MPX connector, which is now so simple and quick. The biggest issue now is remembering the wing bolts.


PurchasedNov 2019BuiltNov 2019Died/SoldN/A
StatusReady to maiden EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A