Skylark S

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The Skylark S is a bit of a transition plane for me. It should be capable enough to perform sport flying, even a bit of 3D. It’s the next step up from my Riot. At the end of the day, the air frame kit was £37, so if it ends up in pieces, it’s not too bad. Certainly better than crashing my balsa EFlite Extra 260. I’ve installed the S6R receiver to give me a fighting chance.

The maiden was successful, but I had way too much movement in the control surfaces. I’ve dialled it down a lot now, and it’s pretty good. The new SunnySky X2216 III 1250KV motor is pretty impressive. The biggest problem with this plane is how small it gets, quickly!


PurchasedMar 2019BuiltMay 2019Died/SoldN/A
StatusReady to fly EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A