Telink – SU-29 (blue)

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This aircraft came free with an identical kit that I won on eBay (the red version) for use as parts. Rather than build the red one, I thought that this one could be saved and crashed flown as I learn slow control and some 3D. After some UHU Por, a new motor, ESC, and receiver, it was ready to test. It flew very well; I just needed to get a better receiver, as the range on the cheap one was pretty useless for anything but indoor. I flew it a few times, but even landing on the wheels soon took its toll on the plane, and the whole nose section is just not stiff enough to use anymore. The red one will have to be built.


PurchasedApr 2018BuiltJun 2018Died/SoldSep 2018
StatusDead EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A