C1 Chaser

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I was peer pressured into buying the Chaser. In all seriousness, its a great wing and as the Mini Talon keeps getting delayed, it was another what the hell choice. I also decided that the Mini Talon will be getting a Vector, so that freed up some components for this build. 

The build of the C1 was my usual slow pace, I even painted this one! But, it died on its maiden flight, taking my RunCam Eagle Micro and a brand new 5200 multistar with it. The issue was that the VTx failed and the flight controller had been miscalibrated. A shame, but these things happen. The Chaser is being glued back together and will be glassed and used as a sloping wing. I may get another chaser in the future, we’ll see.


PurchasedAug 2018BuiltMay 2019Died/SoldMay 2019
StatusDead EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A
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