Reptile – S1100 Harrier

Published by Mr. D on

I really like the look of the S1100, it looks awesome. I’ve built it with twin SunnySky 2216 1400 KV motors, counter-spinning 8×6 APC-E propellers. Inside is a Matek FHCUB-W mated to a Matek F722-STD flight controller. It’s using two RacerStar Tattoo+ 42 A ESCs, EMAX ES08MA II servos, a Beitian BN-220 GPS module, analogue pitot tube, RunCam Split 2, AKK Ultimate X2 VTx, TBS Crossfire Micro Rx, a few LEDs, and will be powered by a multistar 5200 mAh 4S LiPo.

We’ve had a few issues with this model, with regards to CG. It’s slowly being moved back as we do more test flights.


PurchasedMay 2018BuiltJul 2018Died/SoldN/A
StatusReady for a test EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A