Reptile – S800 Sky Shadow – No. 3

Published by Mr. D on

So this is my 3rd S800, after the 2nd one took a nose dive in the dirt. I decided to buy the foam kit, but I think in future I’ll just get the kit version. Sure, you may save around £5 by just buying the foam, but you also have the hassle of having to source the carbon rods and the other parts you forget about that come in the kit. Unlike my previous S800’s, I decided to go for the black V1 kit this time. There ‘s really not a huge difference in foam density. It seems like a glossier finish though. Maybe that’s just where the grey one is used and all the mould release is well and truly gone.

It will be a rebuild of my old S800. The only change I’m thinking of making is to swap the M8N puck for a BN-180/220 as they’re quicker at getting a lock and smaller. With that, I should be able to move the stack back a fraction and get a bit more space for batteries, as the cable was always tight. I’ll probably also laminate it.


PurchasedNov 2019BuiltN/ADied/SoldN/A
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