SonicModell – AR Wing

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I decided to do an iNav build series for new people to the hobby. There are series by other people on YouTube, but a lot of them are old and use flight controllers that are pretty flaky *ahem*Omnibus and also leave a few unanswered questions. So I decided that I would attempt to create a comprehensive, up to date build series, and also try and answer the questions that I still had after watching these videos.

The AR Wing, is what I will be using for this series. So far, I have the following  equipment for it:

  • AR Wing – Kit version
  • Caddx Ratel FPV Camera
  • AKK X2 Ultimate VTx
  • EMAX ES08MD II or TowerPro MG90D metal geared servos
  • Beitian BN-180T or BN-880 GPS module
  • FrSky R9-Slim+ receiver

There’s a few more parts to get, but I am looking to start recording the series in the new year.


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