SonicModell – F1 Wing

Published by Mr. D on

My finger was hovering over getting one of these for a while, it was delay in clicking the buy button because of the Mini Talon. But as that is a crazily long term build, I pulled the trigger and I’m so glad I did!

This is not the PNP, its the kit version which I have spec’d out with the following gear:

  • NTN Propdrive V2 2836 (2217) 2300KV motor.
  • RacerStar RS80A ESC.
  • EMAX ES08MA II servos (would go for ES08MD II if building again) running at 6 Volts.
  • Eachine TX5258 VTx (SmartAudio really helps keep the temps down).
  • Foxeer Predator Mini camera.
  • Crossfire Micro Rx.
  • Matek F411-WING flight controller.
  • Beitian BN-180 GPS module

Currently I’ve hit 139 MPH on 4S using a 6×6 prop. I got bored of keeping on just getting 139 MPH, so I decided to throw in a 6S pack, and melted the motor as it was accelerating through 150 MPH. After that, I replaced the 2300 KV motor with a same type 1800 KV motor and switched to an APC 6.5×6.5 plyon racing prop. The top speed again was 139 MPH. I am currently looking in to getting a stable 6S setup to see just how much speed this F1 Wing can get. The wings will be laminated on this one!


PurchasedJul 2018BuiltAug 2018Died/SoldN/A
StatusNeeds reassembly EnduranceN/ATop Speed139 MPH