Graupner – Unknown Glider

Published by Mr. D on

I bought this glider off eBay for �31. It is an unknown glider other than it was listed as a Graupner. The fuse is composite and the wing and tail section look like an Amigo. The thing is, this is a 2.7 m wingspan glider, and they only made the Amigo in 2 m and below.

The glider was sold as flyable, but with some covering work needed. I’m about half way through removing the old covering and there is a fair amount of woodwork needed too. Still, I’m up for the challenge, and it will teach me some skills I don’t currently have. While I’m repairing it, I will take the time to modernise it too.


PurchasedMay 2018BuiltN/ADied/SoldN/A
StatusBuilding EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A