Scorpio – Condor Magic 2.9

Published by Mr. D on

The Condor Magic is a 2.9 metre wingspan glider, which I bought for the princely sum of £30. It needs a bit of work doing before it heads to the slope, but a lot of it is just re-epoxying things in to place. I have replaced the elevator servo, which was missing a control horn. Other than the epoxy, I need to make a new canopy for it. I have the old one,  which is broken in to a couple of pieces, some missing. I’ll be using this to make a mould, which will be used to vacuum form a new canopy. Once that’s done, I’ll just need to get a G-RX8 reciever, and we’ll be flying.

It’s a pretty cool glider. It’s a composite body with balsa wings. It has air brakes, a winch launch hook, and a tow release mechanism. It’s supposed to be great on the thermals, and fast on the slope.


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