Topmodel CZ Nike EVO

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The Topmodel CZ Nike EVO will be my F5B “hotliner class” competition glider. It’s a really impressive kit, with all the parts you need and a high build standard. For example, the covering on the wings is pretty much perfect. I’ll definitely look at more Topmodel CZ kits in the future.

Currently, we are spec’ing and testing parts to go in to the build. But I hope to have them built by the end of February March. I am building Chris’ Nike EVO too.

Topmodel CZ Nike EVO Stats

PurchasedDec 2019BuiltN/ADied/SoldN/A
StatusBuilding EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A

The unboxing

Here is my unboxing video for the Topmodel CZ Nike EVO. It’s my first unboxing video, so may be a bit ropey. But, hopefully the quality of this kit comes through.

Potential gear

Currently, we’re still looking in to what we are going to use in this plane. We have decided on a few parts, and some potential options for others. I have put the options in square brackets.

  • Motor – NTN Propdrive V2 42-48 650KV
  • ESC – VGOOD 100A
  • Spinner – Offset blade aluminium spinner from eBay, with a 5mm adapter
  • Propeller – Aero-naut CAM carbon Folding – 13 x 11″ on 5S or 12 x 13″ for 6S
  • Aileron Servos – [EMAX ES08MD II | MG90D | Other]
  • Elevator Servo – EMAX ES3352
  • Receiver – FrSky G-RX6