Black Horse Model – Speed Air 40

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The Speed Air 40 was my first nitro aircraft. It’s been modified from standard from a tricycle to a tail dragger, but I prefer draggers anyway. It’s a sporty yet smooth plane to fly. I do enjoy flying it, and plan to a lot more next year, after the winter. This model cost me £40, which was a huge bonus too.

This plane also gave me my first insight in to covering repairs. My first solo flight, the covering ripped off the horizontal stabiliser. It held me up for a while as I had no covering iron. But, I have that now and the repair was pretty straight forward. I now use it to laminate a few of my wings.


PurchasedDec 2017BuiltN/ADied/SoldN/A
StatusReady to fly EnduranceN/ATop SpeedN/A