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The Bastard Kwad is my first attempt at building a freestyle quadcoptor. I've chosen to name it The Bastard because as my first freestyle quad, I'll no doubt be crashing all the time and breaking a lot of stuff, so the thing will not doubt also get called a bastard constantly, so I may as well make it official.

I am doing this on a low budget, so most of the parts are coming from Banggood. I know some people frown upon this, but I can't justify spending 3 times the price on some parts until I'm a proficient pilot. After flying the Mavic Pro, I enjoyed the hell out of flying around in sport mode, so I wanted a cheap freestyle/racing FPV quad to play with instead of risking an expensive quad by flying fast and wrecking it. I had 2 options, buy an Eachine Wizard X220S (which has a good rep as a starter quad) or build my own. I decided to build my own as I think I could do it for similar money to the X220S, pick the parts I wanted, and get experience and knowledge of building quads. At the moment I'm getting the parts I need, and as I order them I'll list them below along with a link and cost. The Eachine Wizard X220S costs £140.67 at the time I was ordering parts.

Part Part bought (link) Why? Thoughts Price £
Frame Realacc Martian II 220mm 5" Because its similar to the Wizard, and a copy of the Alien. Nice frame, just wish they would include a brace as well as the stock PDB. £21.04
Props DalPROP Cyclone 5045 &
HQ Durable PC Props 5043
Good reviews. £13.10 (6 sets of DALs)
£6.10 (2 sets of HQs)
Motors Racerstar 2306S 2400kV Racing Edition Seemed like the right size and power for freestyle at the right price. £26.07
Under motor LEDs Eachine LEDs (red) &
Matek LEDs (blue)
Because I'm a tart! £1.27 (Eachine)
£2.36 (Matek)
ESCs Racerstar MS Series 35A BLHeli_S ESCs - DShot Ready Was going to get the 30A 4in1 from Racerstar, but it had bad reviews whereas these are highly rated. They are also DShot 600 compatible. £29.48
Power Distribution Board (PDB) Matek HUBOSD8-SE I was stupid and didn't research my FC enough so didn't realise there was a version with OSD. This PDB has an OSD plus can more than handle the amps of the ESCs. I'd have probably gone with a different PDB had I ordered the other FC. £12.47
Flight Controller (FC) CC3D REVO F4 Was a well rated FC, just wish I'd seen there was a version exactly the same, only with an OSD for an extra £2. I would have got the Omnibus F4 instead. Seems decent so far. A couple of problems flashing, but even a complete newb who's never done it before (me) got it done. £17.73
Receiver FrSKY XSR I got the XSR over the FrSKY X4R-SB due to its smaller size and equal range after altering the antenna shielding. That and Banggood had them on sale for £13.50!! I found that it doesn't matter which X(S/4)R receiver you get as you can upload the firmware you need directly from the Taranis. You just need to make a cable to connect the 2, and flash the receiver to the firmware you need. £13.50
Transmitter FrSKY Taranis X9D Plus It was a close call between the X9D Plus and the Q X7, but in the end I bought a 2nd hand X9D Plus. £125.00
FPV Camera 650 TVL 2.5mm Lens SuperHad II CCD FPV Camera Cheap but has good reviews. £17.31
Video Transmitter (VTX) FT48X 5.8Ghz VTX with adjustable power Seems like a decent VTX, with a band display and the ability to change signal strength. £17.73
FPV Antenna Foxeer 5.8Ghz 3dBi Antenna I'm sure Joshua Bardwell gave this a good rating for a cheap antenna. £6.32
FPV Goggles Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles I pre-ordered these without seeing any reviews because they were an absolute bargain! Since ordering, I've seen a couple of reviews and the opinions seem to be good, very good if you got them at the pre-order price. They are currently priced at £122.54 with a 54% discount. £70.70
Sub Total *
* Does not include receiver, transmitter, batteries, or FPV goggles as they are not included with the Wizard either.
Total £380.18

Final Thoughts

Overall the spec is fairly similar to the Wizard 220S, however I have a few components I feel are better and the frame is full carbon, not carbon skins with a fibreglass centre. To me the extra £30 is worth it for the building experience, slightly better parts, and the knowledge that there won't be any flakey aspects to the build, which the Eachine seems to be plagued with.

I will be releasing a build video at some point; but until then, here's the maiden flight.

My base setup script

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