RC Aircraft Servo Testing

One of the things that I’m looking to do a lot more of on my YouTube channel is RC aircraft servo testing. Although there are plenty of RC videos and reviews; this is an area that seems to be lacking much coverage. Focus is more on kits in general, FPV cameras, and flight controllers. So I’m going to pick up the gauntlet and test some servos!

The early tests

So far I have made two servo testing videos. Firstly is a very basic video and more of a visual check of the servos. Secondly came a video more based in some actual quantifiable testing. The next phase will be based on this test, but expanded further. I have created a servo testing playlist, where all the videos will be placed.


4.8 Volts6.0 Volts7.4 Volts
ServoCostCostRated KgTested KgStall AmpsRated KgTested KgStall AmpsRated KgTested KgStall Amps
TowerPro MG90S£3.23$3.991.81.584.802.21.875.47
EMAX ES08A II£4.28$
EMAX ES08MA II£6.24$7.711.
EMAS ES08MD II£6.38$7.881.61.683.902.02.204.36
TowerPro MG90D£4.85$5.992.12.915.202.53.475.60
EMAX ES3352£10.93$13.502.42.305.322.82.696.19
Corona DS939HV£5.85$

The costs of the servos are based on the supplier’s nearest warehouse to the UK. The British Pound and US Dollar prices are those on the suppliers web site. Prices are based on not being logged in to the supplier’s site, so not loyalty bonuses are applied. The servos may be cheaper if bought in multiples.

The next step for RC aircraft servo testing by Mr. D

To begin with, I will be looking to finalise a testing strategy. A strategy I hope will cover all aspects of the servo and, in particular answer questions that people have. Once done and the test rig is complete, I will start making some new test videos. Each video will be specifically dedicated to a single model of servo. I will have two of each servo to test in order to go some way to take in to account variations on the production line. My current thoughts for the videos are:

  • Introduction to the servo and an overview of the claimed specs.
  • Tear down of the servo, does it really have all metal gears? This will be filmed after the tests, so that the tear down does not influence the results.
  • Test the servo. Both servos will be tested at all voltages and an average recorded per voltage.
    • Sweep angle test. How far does the servo move each side of centre?
    • Slow sweep from min to max over 5 seconds. How precise/smooth is the servo’s movement? What is the amp draw with nothing attached?
    • Instant move from max to min. How quick is the servo?
    • Back to centre. How well does the servo centre?
    • Two servo control surface simulation. What is the amp draw for a pre-programmed movement sequence while attached to control surfaces?
    • Torque at 1 cm and stall amps test
  • Conclusion with some comparisons to similar servos

I hope to have this new test sequence and the equipment ready to test pretty soon. All results will be kept on this page in tables for each class of servo. If manufacturers would like me to test their servos, please get in touch. All servos will all be subjected to the same test procedure, regardless of where they come from.