Propeller Blade Number Conversion Tools

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This page has a couple of tools to help with RC propeller selection. Some motors only list 3 blade propellers in their specifications; but, you want to use a 2 blade propeller for better efficiency. Sometimes the recommended propeller won’t fit in your airframe. There are tools on this page which can help in both of these senarios.

Propeller Load Comparison

This tool is used to compare two propellers against each other. For example if a motor specifies a 9×6 prop, but you only have space for an 8″ prop, what can you use? Enter different pitches for the 8″ propeller to find one that has a close load factor to the 9×6. Another example could be if you wanted to use a bigger prop to get more airflow over the control surfaces for 3D perhaps?

To use this tool, enter the data for 2 different props so that you can quickly compare their load factors and find a suitable match.

Propeller A

Propeller B

Propeller Blade Number Conversion Calculator

Use this tool to find the closest propellers with a different number of blades. This tool is useful when using a quad motor on a wing. 2 blade props are more efficient than 2, but most quad motor specs only include the recommended 3 blade propeller. Use this tool to find a 2 blade prop for your quad motor.

To use this tool, simply enter your starting prop’s data and the number of blades you want the new prop to have.

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