iNav Current Sensor Calibration

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There is now a better way

There is now a more accurate way to set your current sensor scale and offset. Please check out the link below for more information. This calculator will not be removed. So it will still be here if you prefer to do it this way.

This page means you no longer need to remember the equation for calculating new current sensor setting values in your flight controller. This page will make iNav Current Sensor Calibration a doddle.

Calibration with a single battery pack

iNav Current Sensor Calibration is easy here. To use this tool, fly a pack in your model and record the used mAh displayed in the OSD. Next charge the pack and record the mAh put back in to the pack before balance charging (as this removes and replaces charge). Enter the current sensor scale from iNav, the used mAh, and the mAh put in to the pack in to the tool. You will then be given the new current sensor scale to enter in to iNav.

Multiple Pack sensor calibration

If you have recorded the results for multiple battery packs through the same current sensor, you can use this tool to calculate an average new scale based on all packs. Use the same technique as for a single pack to get the mAh values.

Pack #mAh UsedmAh charged

Hopefully you find this iNav current sensor calibration tool useful. If you do, you may find more helpful stuff in the OpenTX, iNav, or useful tips areas of this site.

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