Welcome to my little RC flight corner of the internet. Here I’ll share my journey as well as tips that I learn along the way. I’ve been interested in flight and aircraft since I was a kid, visiting air shows and joining the ATC. At the ATC I looked into RC flight, but the aircraft didn’t even get finished. About 20 years on, I’m able to start the journey properly and take to the scale skies.

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What are Flight Modes?

With traditional model aircraft, you have a receiver; in to which you plug your servos and throttle control. So the movements you make on the…
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What is a UART?

When you first start getting involved with flight controllers, one of the first things you notice popping up all over the place is UART. I…
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Propeller Speed Calculator

Thank you to Marc Hoffmann for coming up with this. You can use this propeller speed calculator to estimate the rotational speed of your prop.…
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