Simplify Open TX

I have a YouTube series called Simplify Open TX. This series is full of useful tutorials, hints, and tips for Open TX. It starts at the very beginning, having no experience with an RC transmitter. Then the series progresses to more complex things like logical switches and special functions.

If you are new to Open TX or RC flying in general; I would recommend watching my Getting started with Open TX video. It will introduce you to the transmitter and then the basics of the firmware running on it. At the end of this video, you will be able to setup a model, ready to fly. This can be a 4 channel plane or 3 channel model with elevons.

From there, please check out other videos in the series to help with many different aspects of Open TX. The number of videos will be growing. But, if there is another subject that you’d like to see, get in contact and I’ll see what I can do.

Coming soon in the Simplify Open TX series, we will look at:

  • Open TX Companion
  • Setting up pan and tilt using the sliders with an optional head tracker
  • Adding flaps to your model, with elevator compensation trimming
  • Logical Switches
  • Special Functions
  • Making a full house glider setup
  • Updating the transmitter
  • Adding custom sounds and images
  • Plus much more…

Check out the latest videos in the Simplify Open TX YouTube playlist. Please subscribe to the channel, it means a lot to small channels like mine. Clicking the bell icon will notify you when a new video is released.

Some of the videos have accompanying web pages. You can find them below and in the menu.