iNav 2.0.0 Base CLI

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 # Features 
feature PWM_OUTPUT_ENABLE #Enable motors and PWM output. 
feature OSD #Enable the OSD. 
feature AIRMODE #Permanently enable airmode. 

# Base settings 
set min_throttle = 1035 #Minimum throttle. You will need to change this when you calibrate your ESC and find the minimum smooth spinning value for your motor. 
set max_throttle = 2000 #Maximum throttle. 
set min_command = 1000 #Minimum command for throttle. If less than min_throttle, the motors won't spin, which is a very good thing! 
set gps_sbas_mode = EGNOS #I set to EGNOS (Europe) for faster lock, but either set to your region or auto. 
set gps_ublox_use_galileo = ON #Only use if your GPS module supports Galileo satellites. 

# Fixed Wing 
set max_angle_inclination_rll = 600 #Set the max roll angle of the sticks to 60 degrees. 
set max_angle_inclination_pit = 600 #Set the max pitch angle of the sticks to 60 degrees. 
set small_angle = 180 #This setting enables arming with the aircraft in any position. 

#Return to Home 
set nav_rth_allow_landing = NEVER #Never land when home point reached, the aircraft will loiter above. 
set nav_rth_climb_first = OFF #Turn towards home before climbing to the set altitude. 
set nav_rth_alt_mode = AT_LEAST #Minimum height for return to home. 
set nav_rth_altitude = 9100 #RTH altitude of 91 metres (300ft). 
set nav_rth_home_altitude = 4570 #Alitude to go to once home is reached, 60 metres (150ft). 
set inav_reset_home = FIRST_ARM #Reset the home point when the model is armed for the first time with each plug in. Default is EACH_ARM, but if you accidentally disarm in flight, when you re-arm the home point will be saved there.  

# General assisted navigation settings. 
set nav_fw_cruise_thr = 1400 #Will vary dependant on your aircraft, but 1400 is a decent starting point. 
set nav_fw_min_thr = 1200 #Minimum throttle value assisted modes can use. 
set nav_fw_max_thr = 1900 #Maximum throttle value assisted modes can use. 
set nav_fw_bank_angle = 35 #Maximum bank angle in Angle based modes. 
set nav_fw_loiter_radius = 5000 #100 metre circle in the sky. 
set roll_rate = 36 #360 degrees a second roll rate. A good starting point for wings, use 18 (180 degrees) for planes. 
set pitch_rate = 18 #180 degrees a second roll rate. A good starting point for wings, use 9 (90 degrees) for planes. 

set failsafe_recovery_delay = 10 #Allow 1 second to pass before using failsafe. 
set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 0 #Never call for failsafe based on the throttle being low, allows for gliding. 
set failsafe_procedure = RTH #Return to home if failsafe is triggered. 

# Auto Launch 
set nav_fw_launch_velocity = 200 #Forward velocity the plane needs to reach for the launch sequence to be detected in cm/s. 
set nav_fw_launch_accel = 1700 #Used to detect launch via acceleration when you throw your Fixed-wing. 
set nav_fw_launch_max_angle = 180 #Allows the craft to launch at any angle. 
set nav_fw_launch_detect_time = 30 #Time iNav detects the plane has been launched before activating the launch sequence. 
set nav_fw_launch_motor_delay = 300 #The time (ms) since launch is activated until the motor is started. If your hands are never close to the prop you can make this as low as you want. 
set nav_fw_launch_spinup_time = 100 #The time (ms) since the motor starts until it reaches nav_fw_launch_thr. 100 should be the minimum value to protect ESCs and motors. 
set nav_fw_launch_idle_thr = 1000 #Idle throttle of 1000 will mean the prop won't spin until the launch has been detected and the motor delay passed. 
set nav_fw_launch_thr = 1900 #This is the climb throttle setting and will change depending on the aircraft and how steeply you want to climb. 
set nav_fw_launch_climb_angle = 22 #The angle at which the aircraft climbs out in degrees. You will need to set this with your launch_thr value to get the optimum climb. 
set nav_fw_launch_timeout = 10000 #10 seconds, the time that auto launch will stay active, climbing the aircraft, before defaulting back to the currently selected mode. 
set nav_fw_launch_min_time = 0 #Allow launch mode to execute at least this time (ms) and ignore stick movements. Default is 0. 
set nav_fw_launch_max_altitude = 12190 #Altitude(cm) at which LAUNCH mode will be turned off and regular flight mode will take over. Default is 0.